H. RES. 1011 Celebrating 140 years of diplomatic relations between the United States and Romania.



JUNE  18, 2020

Mr. WILSON of South Carolina (for himself and Mr. MEEKS) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs


Celebrating 140 years of diplomatic relations between the United States and Romania.

Whereas the United States marks the significance of 140 years of diplomatic relations with Romania and congratu- lates Romania on its achievements as a stable and vi- brant democracy and its commitment to being a respon- sible member of the international community;

Whereas the United States regards Romania as a critical North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) ally in Cen- tral and Southeast Europe;

Whereas the United States supports Romania’s significant contribution to NATO’s collective defense, including its decision to host the Aegis Ashore missile defense site in Deveselu and meeting the NATO target of spending 2 percent of GDP on defense;

Whereas the Romanian armed forces have supported NATO and United States counterterrorism operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other theaters for almost two decades, contributing more than 30,000 total combat and support personnel to those missions;

Whereas Romania has played a critical role in NATO cyber- security activities, and was the first country to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with the United States Government on the secure implementation of 5G tech- nology;

Whereas Romania has been a driving force leading to the es- tablishment of the Three Seas Initiative, and one of the first countries to invest in the Three Seas Initiative In- vestment Fund, which aims at increasing energy inde- pendence and infrastructure connectivity across Central Europe, thereby strengthening the United States and Eu- ropean security;

Whereas Romania has been a champion of energy security in Europe, supporting the United States Government’s Partnership for Transatlantic Energy Cooperation (P– TEC) initiative as leading partner on civil nuclear en- ergy;

Whereas, during the first half of 2019, Romania conducted its first Presidency of the Council of the European Union and promoted an agenda advancing important United States-European Union goals such as energy security, in- tellectual property, human rights, and regional coopera- tion across the Balkans and the Black Sea areas;

Whereas, in 2019, Romanians all across America commemo- rated 30 years since Romania’s liberation from the former communist regime, a powerful reminder of the fall

of the Iron Curtain in 1989 and a celebration of the tri- umphant call of freedom, liberty, and dignity;

Whereas for over more than a century, successive generations of Romanian Americans have contributed economically and culturally to American society;

Whereas the challenges caused by the COVID–19 pandemic highlight the need for close cooperation between the United States, Romania, and other allies and partners, including through assistance with targeted funds and medical emergency equipment and the swift and success- ful return of peoples to their home countries; and

Whereas, as a sign of solidarity and friendship between the Romanian and the American people, Romania has sent its first medical and expert support and advisory mission to the State of Alabama to assist with local COVID–19 efforts: Now, therefore, be it

  1. Resolved, That the House of Representatives—
  2. (1) celebrates the 140th anniversary of diplo-
  3. matic relations between the United States and Ro-
  4. mania;
  5. (2) supports Romania and the Romanian peo-
  6. ple’s steadfast pursuit of democratic, political, social,
  7. and economic progress;
  8. (3)   reaffirms  the        close        bonds        between    the
  9. United States and Romania based on shared inter-
  10. ests and values;
  11. (4) reaffirms that the Joint Declaration on
  12. Strategic Partnership for the 21st Century Between
  1. the United States of America and Romania, an-
  2. nounced in 2011, has enhanced the security and
  3. prosperity of both Romania and the United States;
  4. and
  5. (5) supports the continued strengthening of the
  6. relationship between the United States and Romania
  7. and the further pursuit of transatlantic unity and
  8. solidarity.


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