ARA 43rd Congress, ARA in the 21st Century


November 15-17, 2019 (2 parts, one online as a Web Conference)

Sessions will behold on campus on Saturday, November 16, 2019, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Dodd Hall, Rooms 170 & 178, Registration Room 170

We are happy to hold our 43rd ARA Congress at UCLA, the only university on the west coast where Romanian language and literature are taught, where some students major or minor in Central and East European Studies with a focus on Romania, where there is a Romanian Student Club.

UCLA also has a Center for European and Russian Studies (CERS) with a long record of excellence in advancing innovative teaching, research, and public education that enhance knowledge of the languages, cultures, and societies of modern and contemporary Europe and Russia.

However, space is limited, thus you must make a reservation by sending a text message to (818) 512-3089 or an email to We will send shortly instructions for participating in the Web conference (how to make and how to attend the remote presentations).

To get to Dodd Hall (near the Law School) one can enter the campus at the intersection between Hilgard Ave. and Westholme or Hilgard Ave and Wynton Dr. There are parking structures and lots in various places on campus at a cost per hour or per day. Some available parking might be available on the surrounding residential streets.

 You are warmly invited to the ARA 43d Congress: ARA in the 21st Century, to contribute to strengthening the main role of the American Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences (ARA) to impart the results of the members and collaborators to the academic communities around the world.

ARA, founded in 1975 in California by a group of intellectuals residing in the USA, provides an open forum for Romanians and friends of Romania to present their ideas and achievements. Prestigious Romanians, amongst them the philosopher Mircea Eliade, the Nobel Prize in physiology/medicine, Prof. George Palade and many other illustrious personalities are Honorary members of ARA.

The congress will have a goal to bring the spirit of the ARA founders in the 21st century. ARA was born from the dream of a generation of Romanian intellectuals expatriated from a tyrannical regime, with a burning desire to unite themselves and show the world the Romanian culture and spirituality. ARA continues this dream in the 21st Century when so many gifted Romanian intellectuals are rapidly spreading around the world.

The Congress, this year, for the first time will have two parts: one with speakers at UCLA on Saturday, November 16, 2019, and a web conference, with online presentations made from other locations around the world.

The Congress will have special libation presentations for two important scholars who were leaders of ARA: Acad. Prof. Constantin Corduneanu, previous Interim ARA President, who passed away last year, and editor, for over 30 years,  of the mathematics journal Libertas Mathematica, and long-time ARA President, Maria Manoliu-Manea, Professor Emerita at UCDavis for her 85 years anniversary.

The program will comprise sessions covering a large spectrum of humanistic and scientific interests of the membership and participants with attendance on-site or remotely. There will be two Round Tables: Romanian Communities, and Innovation/Entrepreneurship. Several invited guests will speak on a variety of subjects from engineering, medicine, ecology, mediation/law, literature, art, and architecture.

The official language of the Congress is English, although some presentations will be in Romanian, and for those simultaneous translations will be provided. 

ARA publishes annually two volumes, which will be placed for sale on Amazon for those who wish to have a printed version (Editor-in-Chief: Oana Leonte, Ph.D.):

  • One of Proceedings with the detailed congress program and all abstract of the presentations and the picture and bio note of the presenters. This will be offered as a pdf file to all participants at the conference.
  •  The annual 2019 ARA Journal (new series) Arts and Humanities, containing articles, among which there is one about Vlaicu Ionescu, well-known for his studies of Nostradamus, and painter, who lived in New York, and passed away in 2002, and one on the historian scholar and philologist from Bucharest,  Nicolae-Serban Tanasoca, who passed away in April 2017,  as well as articles by well-known writers, among whom: Ana Blandiana (Romania), Mirela Roznoveanu, (New York), and Doina Uricariu (New York). Many other articles in the humanities field, from literature to art and history, and sociology. The papers for the ARA Journal, ISSN registered, are peer-reviewed.

The  “Nicolae Stoica” Award, established in 2018 and sponsored by Dr. Adrian Stoica and Prof. Dr. Ovidiu Stoica will be offered for the best student paper/poster in the economic sciences.  A new “Nicolas V. Costea” Award, established this year, 2019, and sponsored by Prof. Dr. Ileana Costea will be offered for the best student paper/poster. 

Please join us,

Prof. DR. Ileana Costea

ARA Interim President

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